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The vineyards of Zampino Cantine, extending over more than 8 hectares of land, are planted on the sunny hills of the central-east Irpinia region, with an altitude between 300 and 600 metres above sea level. The mixture in the soil derives from the decomposition of sandstone characterised by a clayeycalcareous structure. The vineyards are cultivated in the traditional manner, with severe pruning, fertilisation and environmentally-friendly treatments with very low environmental impact in absolute respect of the natural balance, obtaining carefully controlled yields per hectare and production.


The brothers Valerio and Giulio Zampino with their work recovers the long-standing history of a people who, from the times of Magna Graecia and the Roman Empire, have inherited and handed down wonderful grapevines, transforming their fruit into excellent wines that are appreciated throughout the world.


Zampino's Family

Our Wine


It includes varietals such as Aglianico, Fiano and Greco, from which it is possible to obtain wines such as Taurasi DOCG, Irpinia Aglianico DOC, Greco di Tufo DOCG and Fiano di Avellino DOCG

The harvest, which is treated as a true ritual in itself, has always been carried out strictly by hand to select and check every single bunch of grapes, which are gently placed in the typical wicker baskets or wooden boxes that preserve the integrity in the transport to the nearby cellar. This is because ours is an investment in the land and on the centuries-old tradition of Irpinian winemaking, to guarantee a future for a unique environmental heritage.


Tradition and Future